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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mary's Apartment

I just loved Mary Richard's apartment in The Mary Tyler Moore Show from the 1970's. I wished for one, just like hers. The bi-level space was very cool and her kitchen was the cutest little space, although I am sure in reality it would have been much too small. This is a scene with funny Cloris Leachman, as Phyliss. What a great show!
I am reposting for Chari over at Happy to Design and Sunday Favorites.


  1. I loved that show! I wonder if they are showing it on any of the cable channels. I watch all of those old shows alot differently now. Now I like to look at all of the furniture and decorations!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Hey Robbiere - I loved Mary and the Crew, too! I just got hired as a free-lance writer and so far, so good! I have already set up a 5 article a week gig. You will love blogging and your blog looks great - fresh, interesting and full of topics that people would want to read! You'll have a good following in no time! May I suggest that you google "Ultimate Blog Party 2010" and get in on that. You will get a lot of traffic and follwer's to your blog...offer some kind of "give-away" keeps them coming back. More later...:>)

  3. remember the shutters...that closed the kitchen pass through? i loved that!

  4. Loved that show and her apartment. Thanks for bringing back such great memories.. I appreciate you coming to visit me and becoming one of my followers and so now I have found you and become one of yours...

  5. what a great apartment & clothes & hair, too! :) Remember how annoying rotary dial telephones were? But it looks so cute sitting on the table!

  6. Loved that show! I started watching the episodes again on DVD a couple of years ago and it was a fun trip down Memory Lane. Wasn't her apartment fabulous? I always wanted to have one like that when I grew up (still waiting--ha).

  7. I loved the Mary Tyler Moore Show too. In fact, I still love it! I taped it off of TV Land and often watch it!! Her apartment was great. I never had quite such a charming apartment while I was single, although I wanted to. Remember the stained glass window that separated the kitchen from the dining/living/sleeping space? Shows were funnier then. I believe that comedy is harder to write than drama. So, we all cling to what was funny and comforting from the past.

    Susan and Bentley

  8. I loved the Mary Tyler Moore Show too!

  9. Hi Robin...

    Ohhh...I loved the Mary Tyler Moore show and watched it all the time! Of course, I was just a teen but I do remember thinking what a cool place she had! Actually back then...I think I said "farout" instead of cool! Hehe! I'm thinking that you may not be old enough to remember that terminology "farout"! Hehe! Farout...equaled cool! Anyway, what a great post to share with us for Sunday Favorites this was truly a "blast from the past"! I loved it, Robin!

    Have a Happy 4th of July, sweet lady!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  10. Like everyone ls said, I loved that show. Still do when I can find t on reruns! I always wanted to group to be Mary Tyler Moore and have a fabulous apartment and cool clothes! LOL

  11. I used to love this show and her apartment. I can remember the Saturday night line-up with All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, and Bob New-hart. Those were the days.