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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Famous Couples Friday

Good Morning All,
I am reposting for Sunday Favorites over at Chari's Happy To Design. I was watching TCM last week and they were having a William Powell marathon, so I thought this post was fitting.

So far I have only posted married couples, but this couple was so great that I had to feature them. William Powell and Myrna Loy from "The Thin Man."
I you haven't seen a Thin Man movie from the 30's and 40's you are missing a big treat! They made 6 of these movies together, along with their dog, Asta. They were a husband and wife detective team, Nick and Nora Charles, the early version of "Hart to Hart" with Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers. These two, however, set the standard of excellence of snappy dialogue and just plain fun with each other, as the married couple they were portraying.

Look at Myrna Loy's hat and gloves, classy and wonderful! On a side note, William Powell was married to my gal, Carole Lombard, before she married Clark Gable.

Have a great Friday!


  1. I just love these old movies and the Thin Man series are some of my favorites! I did a little quiz, I believe it was last year, to see which olden movie star your personality was most like? I was Mynra Loy! I was thrilled. Did you see her in "Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House"? Oh, I love old movies.
    Thanks for the sweet post.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. I love the Thin Man movies too. I taped them many years ago and still have these. I watched a couple of them on TV around Christmastime. Mr Blanding Builds His Dream House was great also. Myrna Loy is so pretty.

  3. I LOVE "Thin Man" films! I really need to introduce them to my daughters--thanks for the reminder!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day...

  4. I adore the Thin Man movies...aren't they so great?! The movie Shelia mentioned is quite fun, these old movies, you can never see them too often. xo Lidy

  5. I love this couple and their cute little dog too. They were so sophisticated, yet they could be funny too. I can't think of any Hollywood couple today who quite have that sense of style. I wish that we lived closer so that you could come over to my house and watch old movies and eat popcorn! Have a great Famous Couples Friday!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Definitely an old movie fan and have seen the Thin Man movies! LOVE them! Your home is so very charming! I will be stopping by again

  7. Am I the only one who has never seen The Thin Man? I know what I have to rent tonight!!


  8. I forgot to mention that their dog is adorable - his name is Asta, right? Have a great weekend.

  9. the photo portrays the glamour and sophistication of hollywood, timeless beauty! i am sure this classic movie will bring the vintage inspiration for me...thanks for sharing...verbena cottage

  10. Now you're talking Tennis Girl. I love The Thin Man movies. Powell and Loy made a great pair. One of the best ever. And besides The Thin Man films, they did 8 more movies together. They were also great in Libeled Lady and Love Crazy, just to name a few. What a wonderful post.

  11. I do just LOVE old movies and their stars.

    I'd start naming some of those stars - - - but the list would get really long and I'd miss some, so I'll just leave it at this.

  12. Hi Robin...

    Ohhh...I love the "Thin Man" movies! You know, I have three daughters and when they were young and still at home...they just loved watching all the old movies! I always thought that was kind of funny! But...I we watched lots and lots of great old movies together...great memories for me! Thank you so much for sharing this fun post with us today for Sunday Favorites...I enjoyed it!!!

    Robin, I also was taking a gander around your blog...checking out a few of your last posts! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your post about that sweet Ethan Allen tea cart! I would love to have one like that!!! It looks lovely in your gorgeous home!!!

    Have a super Sunday, my friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design