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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Famous Couples Friday

Hi All,
I am reposting this tonight to join Chari over at Happy to Design and Sunday Favorites. As I sit here watching the women's final of the US Open, thought I should repost a tennis post. I just saw Chrissy help with the coin toss before the gals start. Go Kim Clijsters!!!

As some of you might know, we are in the midst of Wimbledon. Tennis Girl couldn't help but do a famous couple from the tennis world. When I started playing tennis around 1970, I wanted to play just like Chris Evert, we called her Chrissy. She was the darling of the tennis world. My game today is still much like hers, as I am a groundstroker and still play with the 2-handed backhand. Naturally, she gravitated to the "bad boy" of tennis, Jimmy Connors. He is still my favorite player of all time. He was exciting to watch and gave his all to the game. Like him or not, he brought fans to the seats with his "spill his guts on the court" attitude and play. Jimmy and Chrissy were engaged for a time in the 70's but the engagement was broken and they went on to marry others. Chris has been married 3 times and Jimmy has stayed married to the same gal for over 30 yrs. and two adult children.
The sweethearts at Wimbledon...
The tennis players in street clothes :)

Jimmy at the US Open, NYC and his amazing run to the semi finals in 1991 at age 39...

A more recent picture of Jimmy and Chrissy


  1. My parents got me a Miss Chris racquet in 1979 or 1980. I only used it twice. I'm not good at any sports. I still have the racquet though. I didn't get into watching the tennis until a few years ago. Wish that I had been into it many years ago. Enjoy the rest of Wimbledon- it's been very exciting so far.

  2. Checking on my favorite bloggers this morning ... Jimmy grew up a block away from my former husband in E. St. Louis, IL. My husband watched as Jimmy's mom and grandmother drilled the living daylights out of him on an old cement court ~ he was only three years old then. I ran into Jimmy at the Los Angeles airport several years ago and told him the story ... he was gracious, funny and adorable ~ still! Always a favorite of mine, no matter his antics.

  3. Wow! It doesn't look like they have changed at all!! Great post!


  4. OMG I hadn't thought of those two players in years! Wasn't that Wimbeldon match great!
    Finally got to stop for rednesday.....a little behind. hope you have a nice weekend!

  5. I'm not into tennis much but I do remember these two. And, Billie Jean, the fella that threw fits on the court, the two amazing black sisters...
    Enjoyed seeing your photos..and I LOVE your movie star Fridays. I don't get by as often as I'd like.....Hey..why don't you do a weekly meme about them and then everyone could link up with you. T'would be fun! :)))

  6. Hi Robin...

    Girlfriend, I played a little tennis in high school. To this day, tennis is really the only sport that I do watch once in awhile! I certainly remember Jimmy Conners and Chris Evert...they were the "darlings" of tennis in the 70's! Thank you for sharing these great photos with us for Sunday Favorites this week and have fun watching Wimbeldon!!!

    Have a super Sunday, my friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. Oh, am I aging myself saying I remember these two and their "courtship". Okay, so that pun was intended! LOL

    Perfect timing for this repost!

  8. I remember when they were the stars AND the darlings of tennis.

    Does that make me old?

  9. I don't know much about tennis but do remember these names. That's what I love about blogging, how much I learn as I'm having fun doing it! Great post and I'm going to have to check out your Movie Star Fridays I just saw someone mention.