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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movie Star Monday

Hi All,
We all "Love Lucy." Before Lucille Ball was a big TV star, she was a movie star. In fact, my gal, Carole Lombard was one of her biggest promoters, getting her started in pictures. Lucy was born in 1911(same year as my Granny) and passed away in 1989. Movie star, Lucy...
With her beloved Desi and children, Lucie and Desi, Jr.

A particularly lovely picture of Lucy. Probably in the 60's

Lucy's home with Desi and then later with Gary Morton, her last husband. I have walked in front of this home several times on that very sidewalk. I love walking the old flatlands of Beverly Hills. To me the more traditional homes built in the 20's are much more beautiful than the monstrosities up in the hills. These are actually neighborhoods.
Happy Movie Star Monday! I am reposting and linking up with Suzanne over at Coloradolady and Vintage Thingie Thursday :)


  1. Awesome post! I just came by your blog from Mrs. Savvy's! I love Lucille Ball! I remember seeing her in one of her first movies with Katharine Hepburn in Stage Door! Ahhhh! I was watching an I Love Lucy marathon the night my husband proposed so she brings me many happy memories! Lucky you to get to walk through there! I would be in heaven! Have a great week!

  2. I will always love Lucy. How talented and pretty she was. I agree with you about the homes in Hollywood. I love the old ones the best!!

    susan and Bentley

  3. HI Robin,
    I love "LUCY" too.. I use to watch the show all the time. As a matter of fact when Gary comes home from work travel or just arriving home from a day of fishing, he also enters the house with a loud "LUCY I'm HOME!!!
    Who doesn't love LUCY and Ricky!!
    Have a sweet day my friend~Elizabeth

  4. I always love your movie star memories, Robin! Sorry I haven't been by in a take over your life, don't they?!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  5. Great post Robin. While I am a big fan of Lucy and thought she was insanely funny...she also proved to be a very good dramatic actress early on in her career.

  6. Wonderful post on an amazing woman. I loved her, too.
    I would love to go to Hollywood someday..and see the different homes of the stars.
    I love your movie star posts...:)
    xo bj

  7. I do love Lucy!! She is so hilarious, it's impossible not to laugh during her show. Her home is lovely... I would love to see the inside!
    Fun little niece collects the dishes that where in her tv show kitchen. Thanks for visiting my blog... yes I do think the little mama raccoon is adorable. One of God's creatures, and not at all deserving of the villainous reputation they have.

  8. Hi Robin! I loved Lucille Ball...I Love Lucy was one of my favorite shows all those years ago. I LOVE the home she and Desi're right it's much more 'homey' than those huge movie star homes. Thanks for sharing this with us...have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

  9. I love Lucille Ball. I posted a bunch of shots from her modeling days not long ago because I am sure a lot of folks don't know that she modeled before becoming a famous actress. She had a beauty all her own.

  10. Wonderful post, I am another Lucy lover! It's so cool how you showed photos of all different aspects of her life. She was a certainly beauty!

  11. She was such a talented and funny actress, and so beautiful too. Nice to see all these old pictures and to have your firsthand account of walking through what was her neighborhood!

  12. I enjoyed your thoughts and pictures of the vintage stars. I have a lot of things on some of several of them. Will be doing a post soon.

  13. I loved Lucy too. her show was so funny! The one with the chocolates on the conveyor belt was hilarious, and the one when she was doing the Vitavegavetimin commercial too.

  14. That's such a cute picture of Lucy, Desi and the kids. Looks like such a happy family.

  15. What a beautiful home....I always Loved Lucy....she was a real beauty....and I think I'd like walking these neighborhoods too....very charming. Have a great VTT!

  16. Lucy looks gorgeous in that black and white photo! Too often we remember her as the zany housewife married to Ricky - but WOW, she was a stunner!

  17. She was so funny that that took front stage but she was a beauty too!

  18. Once in a while we catch an episode of Lucy and we still crack up. Who doesn't remember the candy episode or the grape crushing episode or the previously mentioned, Vitavegamin?!! So much fun. And gosh, she was so very lovely when she was young.
    (You probably already knew this since you love Lucy but on the off chance, did you know that Jimmy Stewart was LB's neighbor to the south?)

    Happy VTT,

  19. I'm so glad you shared that with us! I love the house it's so much nicer, you are right!

  20. Great post, it makes me want to run to the library and rent Stage Door. I love the house, too.