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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Movie Star Monday

Good Evening All,
I just couldn't let September 2010 end without acknowledging the 40th anniversary of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The first episosde aired in Sept. 1970. I had start my freshman year in high school that fall ( yes, that makes me 54 this year, lol) and what an impression this show had on me! I think seeing Mary in an office environment made me want to work in an office setting, which I still do, today. I loved everything about Mary. Her great apartment, her clothes, her style, her class. Great show, that I still watch today :)
The girls. Rhoda, Phyliss and Mary
Mary at her desk, in the office with Murray. She always had a flower on her desk :)

That great apartment!

And of course, the iconic scene at the beginning of the show. My Mom knitted me a hat like Mary's in 1970 :)
Happy 40th Mary!!!
Reposting for Sunday Favorites


  1. Oh, how I wanted that apartment!...and the life.

  2. I always liked Mary, didn't realize the syndicated shows were still on.

  3. If YOU are Mary....would I be Phyliss?

  4. Remember when Rhoda said "I don't know why I bother to eat this chocolate ... I should just apply it directly to my hips"! You know how much I love that show ~ almost as much as you!! Have a Happy Monday sweet friend!!

    Susan and Bentley

    PS: Do you have the recipe for SueAnn's "Veal Prince Orloff"??

  5. O, I think we all fell in love with that apartment, just full of cuteness. I know I bought a great big bj and hung it on my bedroom wall.
    She was so so cute and my daughter, Stacy, used to try tossing her hat in the air and she never could catch it..haaa...such great memories, dear one...thanks so much.

    Oh, and yes, I DO remember the spiked crock Otis had...we still watch these tv shows, too.
    Just last night talking about how much we miss ole Barn.....

  6. oh my gosh, i LOVED mtm! like everyone, i wanted to live in her apt and be her friend, work in her office....

    what a great post!

  7. Wow, can't believe it is the 40th anniversary of the show! I love Mary Tyler Moore, starting with the Dick Van Dyke Show.

    The furniture and clothes on the Mary Tyler Moore Show is fantastic too!

  8. I loved the MTM show too! I have watched it so many times in reruns that you could ask me anything about it!

  9. OMG!!! I used to dream that I could be like MTM in her show and live in that great apartment in NYC, you can imagin, me, been a girl from Astoria-Queens all I wanted was to be in the City. Such memories of our youth! Thank you for posting, I'm on my way to see them all!

  10. I couldn't figure out what the deal was here at first. When I saw my comment, I knew I'd not been here today.:) Then, I realized it is a repost.
    Hope your weekend is going good.:)

  11. Do you remember that... MTM's mascot was a cute orange-striped kitten named Mimsie?

  12. Robin,
    MTM is one of my all time favorite shows. I have watched it time and again, and I think you could ask me any trivia question about it and I could answer it!
    I thought her first apartment was terrific, too.

  13. Hi Robin! Oh, I loved this show. Mary was so pretty and that apartment was wonderful!! :)
    I can just see her flipping her hat up in the air.
    Yay! I'm thrilled you'll be coming to my party!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. I'm not sure the show gave a FULL picture of Minneapolis in winter - - - - at least I don't REMEMBER it if they did.

  15. Hi Robin...

    My friend, I loved the Mary Tyler Moore Show! Didn't she have a sweet apartment? I loved it! Thanks for sharing this sweet post with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party!

    Warmest spring wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  16. How fun! I came for Rednesday and thoroughly enjoyed this article as well. I'm another baby boomer and I LOVED that show also! What fun family memories you've reminded me of. Thank you for a delightful visit. :)

    You'll find my Rednesday post, with an "invite" to the Ultimate Blog party at :)

  17. This was one of my very favorite tv shows when I was growing up and for all the reasons you listed. I thought Mary was the perfect career-woman role model. I still remember the episode where she had a dinner party and Mr Grant took half of the food being served as his portion and then had to put it back. Thanks for this flashback!