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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Back...

Hi All,
I haven't posted for awhile, coming back from a nasty flu bug. Hubby and I both had it. We are better now, so hopefully, I will be back posting again.
I wanted to share my latest obsession with you!
Do you remember the show, Bewitched from the 1960's?

How about her range/stove???

It was called the Frigidaire Flair. I want one!!!

I LOVE those double ovens! The burners slide back in, when not in use. How cool!
This is the one from the show in Samantha's, Bewitched house....
Here she is probably getting breakfast ready for Darrin...
I have been browsing around ebay and here and there on the net. Maybe I will come across my dream stove, as I think it would fit perfect in this old cape cod home!
Excuse this messy post, as I am trying to find my way around the new blogger!
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  1. I used to watch that show...but I don't remember the cool stove! That would be awesome to have one of those and be able to twitch your nose of whip up dinner! Glad you're feeling better. Happy Spring Ya'll!

  2. I have photos of my house in the late 80's and this stove was in the kitchen!

  3. Bewitched was always one of my favorite shows. Great stove--good luck hunting one down. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday

  4. I do remember that show, it was one of my very favorite shows. I didn't focus on the stove much but do remember the kitchen scenes and the house as well. Very retro! haha! Good luck on the search, I think it would be fabulous in your home as well!

  5. My next door neighbor has a stove like that. I never knew what they were called. The pull out burners arrangement is so unusual.

  6. Grandmother had one similar! It had 2 ovens upper and lower and the stove section pulled out so you could use 2 burners or pull it out and use 4. It was great for the holidays. It was a real work horse and I always loved that stove.
    I will keep my eye out for you too! glad u and Dan are feeling better. Be home all next week for our biannual cousins weekend, and the twins birthday!

  7. How I loved Bewitched..I wanted to twitch my nose that Samantha so bad! But I could never get the hang of it LOL. I still love watching the re-runs when played. The stove is wonderful isn't it! very dreamy. I hope you find one..
    So happy you are feeling better.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  8. Hi Robin! Oh, what a cool stove. I hope you'll find one just like you want. I used to love watching Bewitched! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Oh, I do remember that Bewitched stove. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  10. Our oldest daughter has one! She is such a retro gal and won one on eBay.Turns out the seller lived right in her town and she could just go over and pick it up, saving shipping. Right now, it's in her garage until she remodels her kitchen. Love it!

  11. Hi Robin!

    I read the other comments and found it interesting that so many others know someone who has one. I hop you find yours!

    Thanks for sharing this at my party this week!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  12. I LOVED Bewitched. Even now some days when I am facing a big housecleaning task or am in a rush and stopped at a light I try wiggling my nose just in case I am a late bloomer and suddenly have magic powers. That stove is fab.

  13. Good luck with the stove - they have a lot of that kind of stuff in California. I can't remember the name but they restore vintage stoves. I'm sure you would find it on Google. Or perhaps Estate sales, before the house goes on the market you could ask to buy the stove. I am also getting adjusted to the new blogger. I think I liked the old better.

  14. I love it and want one too!!!! Happy VTT!

  15. Love it. So retro. I use the original 1958 Western Holly oven in our kitchen. Still works great.

  16. What a fun poat!! I loved watching Bewitched back in the day and even now on re-runs! Loved the open floor plan of the house. I always wanted a house like Samantha and Darren's. Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Robin, Anything you do to that house would be fabulous. You have made your home into a haven!
    I used to love to watch Bewitched! Now twitch your nose and maybe you can make one appear like Samantha!

  18. They still show it in the reruns and I watch it every time, just like Lucy, lol..My mom had this stove, just like it, in the sixtees. So happy you're back and feeling up, sweet lady. Hope you find one like it! Enjoy your evening!

  19. So sorry you haven't been feeling well. I watched Bewitched and loved it, but I don't remember the stove. So neat. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. Welcome back! I loved Bewitched. I don't remember the stove from the show, but a friend's mom had one. Good luck on your hunt!

  21. I loved that show too and do remember the stove because my mom had one very similar but her's was by Tappen. Hope you find one.

  22. That would be a very fun find. My middle daughter lives in a house that still has its original pink stove, but it's not as elaborate as the Frigidaire Flair by any means.

  23. If I happen to see a like stove, I will certainly let you know. You are right about it being very cool. It would be neat in most any setting.

  24. Although I wasn't around when the show originally aired, I used to watch it every day in the reruns when I was a kid. Seems it was on just about every network for years, wasn't it? That does sound like a neat stove. Hope you are able to find one at a reasonable price to fulfill your dream.

    Sorry it has taken a while to visit. I've had a crazy week, but wanted to drop by to thank you for visiting my party!