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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Suggestions, please...

I need a little imput on some color choices.  I know how all of you are soooooo good with color, so I am asking for some help.  Some you know that I am going to pick up my beloved 1965 Frigidaire Flair on May 31st!  This is the actual stove I am getting.  Just like Samantha's in Bewitched.  I am soooooo inlove with this stove/range!   Blogger is driving me crazy.  Still getting used to how to move around pics., etc.  Ugh. 
I am trying to decide what color to paint the wall where the stove will set.  I have a fire engine red there now. It has been colonial blue in the past.  I have not retouched the pics and they are from my iphone, as I left my camera at our camper.  I have a pic of the wallpaper above and also, a shot of the yellow walls in the dining room and the the room beyond is a deep mint green.

My carpenter, Stan was here today and removed the microwave off the wall. I am tempted to paint the walls the apple green that I have on the cabinetry.  I could leave it red or change the color of the red?  Give me some ideas and your thoughts are appreciated!
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  1. I don't know... I'm thinking something lighter for behind that older piece.

  2. I would go with a soft yellow, I think it would tie in nice with the reds and your cabinets.

  3. I'm not sure of color either, a soft color would look good with that gorgeous wood floor. You could add a more vivid color in accessories. I really like your new stove (old I mean). Happy VTT

  4. I think a soft butter yellow. Then you don't have to paint the walls. LOL I hate painting walls.

  5. Why paint it? I guess I am the odd man out...but the stainless and white will look great with the red? I can't wait to see it! hint hint!

  6. I'm sure you'll make just the right color choice after mulling it over for a while!

    Tiny Red Leaves

  7. didn't know you were actually going to get this stove. I know you talked about wanting one. I saw one on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago here in Oklahoma and thought of you. So funny...I almost emailed you but then thought...she doesn't want to go all the way to Oklahoma to get that stove. You know...that was the stove in my house way before I moved in here. I have photos of the house taken in the late eighties by a previous owner and there is that stove!

    I am kind of voting for the apple green. I have seen kitchens done in it with white and black and it was very pretty. I think green will look good with that stove or perhaps you should do what Samantha would have done...avocado, brown and orange.

    That Bewitched house was the first house I remember loving on tv as a kid. I wanted to be Samantha, live in her house and have Darren's job.

    I can't wait to see this stove in your cottage.

  8. I love red, but looking through to the colors in rooms beyond the kitchen, a softer color might be a better complement. Whatever you decide will be just right.

  9. My vote would be for a green to match your cabinets or a more neutral color such as navaho white ~ just my thought ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  10. I really love green so I am biased. That was my first thought before you mentioned it. This color doesn't sound pretty but the color of my kitchen walls are called Avocado. I love it. It was scary at first to be so different but its now been that way for 8 years.

  11. Everyone's taste is different when it comes to colors. My personal taste is to always go with lighter shades. You do not want to take away from the great stove. Just play around with it.

  12. I love the red. My kitchen is red. My living room is yellow. :) Love your blog. Stopping by and following GFC from the Thursday hop. Hope you'll follow back. Donna

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    Have a Great day!

  14. How fun! I've never seen a stove like that before. Can't wait to see what it looks like in it's new home.

    Happy VTT!

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  16. No input on the color as I like what you have right now. Love your kitchen!

  17. I would choose a pale color maybe yellow? Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop Big Hugs xo

  18. Don't know if you're new to Blogger-or if it's the new updated Blogger that's driving you crazy (BOTH do me!)---but there is a button somewhere that allows you to revert to the OLD Blogger ; )
    If I see it again-I will fly by and tell you exactly where-at least I KNOW ho to deal with the old Blogger issues-well, most of them. A man designed it-for sure! Lol! Blessings, Sharon ps/Love your blog!

  19. Apple green sounds great! Thanks for linking up to STL Wednesday!

  20. Love the red....I think it will just make your stove pop!


  21. Hi Robin,
    The color wheel tell us that Blue and yellow are partners and red and green are partners. I see why everyone keeps suggesting yellow or green. Because you have blue and green in your cabinets. I know the rule of thumb is no more than 3 colors, 1 being a little accent. So on going with that your blue tile trim would be your accent. Then your two main colors would be green and red. Which is exactly what you have done. I like the suggestions that the red be a little softer or just go with the vinatagey green shade as the cabinets have. That would be perfect with the vintage feel of the stove. You will make the right choice because what makes you comfortable is what you should do. :)
    Thanks for joining me at Home Sweet Home!