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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Days Of Our Lives...

Hi All,
It has turned to Fall time weather in Illinois.  I love it!  Cozy fire, snuggly jammies, warm coffee.  Yay!
I am a soap opera girl.  My Mother always watched, "As The World Turns."  As a matter of fact there was a character on the show in the 1950's called Robin.  You can guess the rest! lol  Anyway, when I worked at my first job, all the girls watched "Days Of Our Lives."  I couldn't be out of the loop, so I have watched the show on and off for over 30+ yrs.
 "Like sands through the hour glass..."
 Here are some of the gang...
 These two, in particular were my favorites...
 Doug and Julie Williams(Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes)
 Married in real life and on the show, for many years...
Wait!  Bill, Susan and Robin!!!  Yes, I went to their book signing and met them.  Aren't they cute!  Very nice, too!  Their granddaughter owns a very nice restaurant about 1/2 away from me, so  daughter and I went over to their book signing.  They have penned a new book called, Trumpet.  Bill is 87 and Susan is 69.  They look great!
Hope you are having a great weekend!
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  1. Wow, Robin, I remember Susan from another show, that might have been on ABC. Can't remember. They look so good for their ages. Wonderful you had the opportunity to meet them. xo

  2. Well Hello There! You won't remember me I suspect ~~ Helen from Living Boldly. I somehow lost track of you, saw your blog listed on Shelia's website and had to drop by. I gave up Living Boldly earlier this year, kept my second blog Poetry Matters ... I'm enjoying the challenge immensely. I do remember the adorable home on your blog header and I am a Days fan from the very first episode! Julie and Doug are the best. Some of the story lines over the years have made me 'crazy', but I have hung in there. My sister met Allison Sweeney years ago at the wedding of one of her/Allison's relatives ... said she was so sweet and also has a great photo of them together. It was nice finding you again ....

  3. Sadly, I came because I figured this was an announcement I missed that this was another soap opera about to be cancelled. I've watched a bit of Days Of Our Lives, but haven't really been into the show much. I guess I'll age myself and say I remember back in my high school days when all the other girls were crazy about Peter Reckell.

    I've always been more of a fan of The Young And The Restless and added General Hospital in college. I even have a picture of me and Lauralee Bell (Cricket/Christine) and some guy on the show at the time when I went to an autograph signing when I was in high school. How fun!

    I haven't really watched soaps in a few years, but whenever I turn the tv on, it's always funny how you can watch it once and turn the show on in 20 years and it's still the same story! Hee hee!

    Glad you had fun at the book signing. I enjoyed this post, so thanks for sharing your day with us.

  4. I did not know there daughter owns Firefly??

  5. I think you look just as glamorous as they do darling!! Thank you so much for joining the party!


  6. Hi Robin, my mother watched As The World Turns from the time I was a little girl until her death. I think I remember the first episode. I was so upset when it was canceled I had planned to take it up again when I retire.
    Ladybug Cottage