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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Sad Post

Hi All,
There has been an arsonist runnning around our town, setting fires to abandon homes.  Two nights ago he hit our beloved Daisy Inn Bed and Breakfast.  We have not operated the Inn for a few years and thank goodness we had all our treasures out of her.  She is an historic home in our small town and we restored her lovingly, back in 2002.  The structure did not burn to the ground, but there is a lot of damage to the interior.  We had it on the market to sell, hopefully to a loving family that would love her, as we did.  I will keep you posted on what is to become of the Inn.  We see the insurance people today.  I am thankful that no one was hurt and the home was vacant.  This is fire number 30 in our town.  They think they know the person doing it but cannot get the evidence, so the story goes.  Our townspeople are scared and outraged at the longevity of this case and all the homes that have been lost.  Please pray for our community and thank you.


  1. I'm so sorry and will pray for you. We lost our home to a fire on Black Friday and know the devastation. I pray they will catch the person and stop them and that insurance will come through with enough money to pay for the repairs.

    Many Blessings,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  2. How awful - I hope the arsonist is soon caught. What a crime!

  3. Oh goodness, my friend, I am deeply sorry..what a horrible thing that happened to a historic place at that! I hope they catch the jerk, who is also a criminal to do such thing just for fun! My heart goes out to you and yours.

  4. Oh my word, so sad. I hope they catch the person. Sorry for your loss, this is really sad. Hugs, Marty

  5. So sorry. That is just tragic that so many fires have destroyed all those homes. I imagine the residents in your town are at wit's end with worry. I Hope they find this person soon.

  6. I am so sorry to hear this. I would think that living as close to you as I do...I would be hearing about all of this. I don't read the paper from cover to cover, but I had no idea this was happening where you live. Scary!

  7. I'm so sorry this is happening. It's so sad some people feel the need to be so mean to others for no reason. I certainly can understand how scared your town feels.

    Our neighborhood was going through home invasions and theft happening in yards in the middle of the day and theft of things inside cars at night. The police have video of who was doing this, but to my knowledge no one was every arrested. Seems the theives have moved on, but after events like this it's a wake up call to be cautious.

    I hope your town finds the evidence they need to stop whoever is doing this. They must be awfully good if they have burned so many homes without getting caught.

  8. I feel so bad, Robin, I didn't know you owned a bed and breakfast. This is tragic, and more tragic is that a mentally ill person is running around doing damage like this. I hope they catch whoever is doing this. Sending prayers and blessings xo

  9. Oh dear....what a tragedy! It is also a little scary that he has been able to rack up a total of 30 places! When these wonderful homes and businesses are gone...that's it! A piece of history no longer around...I am so sorry for your situation, I hope you can rebuild if that is what you chose to do...

  10. Ciao ti seguo sempre!!
    Una preghiera per tutti voi!!
    Mi dispiace tanto tanto per quello che è accaduto!!

  11. Robin ~ you know you are in my prayers. I thought that I read they caught a suspect. Is that true? I certainly hope it is. I will give you a call.

    Lots of Love and Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  12. This is such a shame, Robin. You must be heartbroken. I hope they catch this person soon so you can all get some peace of mind. Sending many prayers.


  13. Oh Robin....this is terrible. My heart aches for your poor inn and all of your hard work. This is really an unbelievable situation for the whole town. Maybe the arsonist will be caught and stopped soon. I hope the insurance company will be kind and fair with you and Dan.

  14. That is just terrible and put an ache in my stomach. I love old homes. What a creep to be doing this. I hope it stops soon.

  15. It bothers me everyday to know someone is doing this in our hometown. The most peaceful and best place to live and one person is making it hard for the people I care about at home.

  16. Oh no! That's just terrible for so many reasons. Your beautiful house...I hope they catch the troubled person who is hurting your town.

  17. Oh gosh I am so very sorry this has happened to you. I hope they catch this person & soon. I understand going through the devastation of a fire. It's a shock.

  18. It has bee awhile since I stopped by and I was very surprised and sorry to read that you lost your home to fire..

    I hope they catch person who is doing this.