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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hi All!
It has been so  long since I have posted.  I guess I needed a little break.  Also, my parents are needing me more and more.  I am an only child, so I'm it for them, and of course, I am happy to be there for them, as they have always been there for me!
Anywhoo, a lot has been going on in my life.  I hosted an 80th birthday party for my Mother this past July, my daughter is pregnant with our first grandchild, yay!, we vacationed in Florida and decided to buy a townhouse, for our retirement.  We will be closing on it soon!  We just returned from NYC and a stay at the Waldorf Astoria and going to the US Open tennis!  So, with that said, I am just going to post a hodge podge of pictures!  Hope you all have been well, and hoping to be a more frequent blogger, in the future!
 Spring trip to San Francisco to see my son... Golden gate behind us...
 Friendship dinner with the Tennis Girls at my house...
 Dear daughter and me on a trip to Chicago...
 Back in San Fran to see the son and my picture in front of the house they used for the outside shot of McMillan and Wife.  Too neat!
 Home, sweet, home, Summer 2013
 The Tennis Girls came to our camper for lunch and games!
 My sweet cousin Susan's son got married in Indiana.  Great wedding and fun time. L to R Cousin Sara, Cousin Susan, Me, Aunt Gerry.  I love them!
 My Mom's 80th party at my house.  One of my besties and her Mother.  Kathy, Mom, Me and Suzanne(Kathy's Mom)
 More besties, Susan, Me, Diana...
Me and my sweet cousins, Susan and Sara.  Granny called us, her three little girls... 
 I also, had the party for my Uncle, Dad's brother, as he turned 80 this year, too.  He is with Aunt Gerry, my Dad's brother, Frank's(he is with the Lord) wife...  Aunt Gerry is 82~  Isn't she pretty???
 Susan, Sara and their girls enjoying the buffet!
On our vacation, we went over to Sara's for lunch in Windemere, FL...
Hope you enjoyed part of my spring and summer!


  1. I hope that townhouse is for the winter only! I would hate for you to move away??
    I am glad you had such a great summer with family and cousins esp. Suzanne Bland has NOT changed one bit!

    Congrats on going to be a Grandmother, one lucky little boy or girl!

    Take care,maybe see you at church soon? If you in town?

  2. A wonderful way to share family and friends quality time.

  3. First: Welcome back! You look wonderful and it looks like you had such great time with your lovely family for your dear Mother's birthday party! Congrats on been a grand, it's the best thing to have those little ones from our 'very own children!' I'm happy you had a great spring and summer with family and good luck on the closing of your new home in sunny Flo. I am an only girl, so mother does not have anyone better than me know, daughters.
    Big hugs,

  4. Nice to see you again - and I love your hair!
    A retirement condo in Florida sounds like a splendid idea!

  5. You have enjoyed such a full and fun summer my dear sister. Wishing you much happiness this fall too!

    Extra Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. So delightful to see your post this morning ... all of the photos are great ~~ sounds like you had the perfect summer and now it's on to some of the serious stuff ~ I cared for my mother who had Alzheimer's during the last five years of her life.

  7. You have been BUSY!!! I loved the pic of your camper where you hosted lunch. I think it's so cool you have a lamp outside on the table next to the RV!
    Congratulations on the new glow you are sporting. Grands are the best!!

  8. Sounds like you have really been enjoying life, Robin! Congratulations on expecting a grandchild and buying a new place!

  9. Wow you have been busy Robin...congrats on everything and glad to have you back blogging!

  10. So jealous about the US Open! We are in my son's first year of high school tennis season (it's in the fall in Colorado)! WE survived the first year of tryouts!
    Great pics! xo,

  11. Robin, so happy to see you again! I worry about bloggers when I don't see them. So happy that you have just had a fun filled summer. Happy belated to your mother. Spending time with family is the best and you look wonderful! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. You've had some marvelous times -excited for your Florida townhouse - that's going to be fun for you - congratulations on the new grandbaby - I CAN'T wait to be a grandmother - so exciting! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  13. Congratulations on becoming a future grandma, oh are you gonna love it! I live in Florida, if you are ever near Tampa let me know!