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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Memphis Trip

Hi All,

This is a repost for Sunday Favorites from this past August. Today would have been Elvis' 76th birthday, so I thought this was a fitting repost!

We arrived back home today, after a wonderful couple of days at Elvis Week, 2010. They have events going on all over Memphis, celebrating the life and legacy of Elvis. I won't bore you too much, but here are the highlights for me.
The beautiful Orpheum Theater. We went to both sessions of "Conversations". This is where people who knew Elvis personally talk about life with him, whatever the capacity, on the road, friend, etc.
This is Joe Esposito. Joe was Elvis' road manager and friend. He pretty much was Elvis' right hand man. Joe has remained loyal to Elvis from the start. They met in the army. Tom Brown is the interviewer. He works for TCM as a vice-president of original productions. He was a great interviewer!

My personal highlight. A picture with Joe Esposito. What a thrill for me!

This is Elvis' orchestra leader, Joe Guercio. He led the orchestra for Elvis durning the Vegas years and all those years on tour. Elvis called him Miestro. He has worked with others such as Barbara Striesand, Diana Ross, etc.

A cute picture up on the giant screen of Elvis and Miestro, Joe Guerico

Ok, I have all the Elvis info out of the way, now on the cute restaurant we found for breakfast, across the street from The Peabody Hotel. Don't you love those blue awnings???

Look at that cute entrance and the seating area to wait or read the paper.

Mr. Tennis' breakfast selection. Fried peanut butter and banana french toast, in honor of The King. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Mr. Tennis at the front table and a shot of the cute bar area.

And a look at the bar. They have little hooks under the bar to hang your purse or coat. Great idea!

This is in the waiting area. They used an old door, with frosted glass, to make a coffee table

A look at the lobby of the beautiful Peabody Hotel, where Mr. Tennis and I were lucky enough to stay. We had our evening coctail in this beautiful lobby area.
Just a P.S. The big event that we attended on Sat evening was seeing the re-release of Elvis on Tour (1972) on the big screen at The Orpheum Theater. I saw it when it came out in 1972, has I had just seen Elvis live for the first time in Evansville, IN. I was a very impressionable 15 yr. old. It is something that I will never forget!
I am reposting this and linking up with Dayle over at A Collection of This and That and Simple Pleasures Thursday. This trip was certainly a Simple Pleasure for me!


  1. Hi Robin
    It looks like you had a great time at Elvis week! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  2. Hi Robin! Oh, you must have had a blast! Who doesn't love Elvis!! I've never been to Memphis and I would love to go someday! The hotel must have been beautiful but a tad crowded! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see my tiny kitchen.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Great post!! My sister, Nita, is STILL crazy about Elvis! I loved your hotel lobby where y'all had a drink....and am SO happy you had a wonderful time!

  4. Fried peanut butter and banana .....OMGosh, Mr. Tennis. I don't do bananas unless it's Banana Nut Bread. :))

    I am so so glad you had such a good time. I just knew you would. Going thru Graceland will be a BEST memory for the rest of my life. Loved it.

  5. O, and meant to that 70's something return of Elvis the one where he wore that tight black leather suit? drool drool drool......!!!

  6. Wow, what a great trip! I will admit I'm not the biggest Elvis fan in the world (love him, though) but I'm totally up for a trip to Memphis, now.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog last night, and for your comments.

  7. I love that you had a wonderful time, but...for me...that picture of the pb/banana french toast is the winner!

  8. Trips, whether long or short, can take us to wonderful places. Great post and thanks for linking up.

  9. This looks like it was an incredible trip and I am just in love with that little restaurant!

  10. Hi, I'm visiting from the Simple Pleasures party today.

    Your trip sounds like a wonderful time.

    And that peanut butter French toast looks and sounds quite delish. I'm sure my family would love something like that.

    Thanks for sharing your simple pleasure today.

    Patti ~ Fill My Cup with Beauty

  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I want to try the peanut butter french toast. I recall reading that Elvis loved a fried PB sandwich. That looks delicous.

    The whole trip sounds like it was without a doubt a true pleasure!

  12. Just popping in to say hi and I am still wondering how a fried PB sandwich would taste WITHOUT the bananas? Think I'll just make one in the morning...using PB and jelly and FRY it..just to see. Actually, it sounds good...probably will be delicious and then I'll get hooked on them and end up weighing WAAAAY too much. :)

    Tomorrow night is when I see who wins the 70.00 gift card. I am as anxious to see who it will be as everyone that left comments. This has been a really fun giveaway. Maybe my next one will be 100.00...that would be neat.
    xo bj

  13. I"m not an elvis fan but this looks like total fun

  14. sounds like you had a great time...and ohhhhhh, that Peabody hotel got me all shook up!!!!! *wink*

  15. I just loved seeing the Peabody hotel and that great sitting area with the "coffee table" door! Great Simple Pleasure post.


  16. It's so hard to believe he would be that old! Looks like you all had a great time.

  17. I was in Jr. High at the time Elvis first appeared. My girl friend was crazy in love with him and used to go to his movies early in the morning with popcorn and her lunch and stay the entire day. (That's back when they didn't clear the theaters each performance!)

  18. This is one of the things I love best about blogging and bloggers...seeing places I will probably never visit through the eyes and camera of someone else. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. Lucky you to get a picture with Mr. Esposito!

  19. Hi! This is a fun post about about Elvis. He lives, you know!