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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rooster Party!

Hi All,
Wanted to share my favorite rooster with you and join up over at Shelia's Notes Songs for her Rooster Party! Granny's hooiser cabinet...I don't know my roosters, but either he or she is a beauty! (p.s. I was reminded that a rooster is a boy chick. I guess I knew that) All I really know is that I used to avoid the chicken coop at Granny's as I didn't like to be pecked ont he ankle! lol

A picture I brought home from the Daisy Inn kitchen...

Please go over and check out all the need rooster motifs at Note Songs!

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  1. HI Robin! Oh, I don't know my hes from shes either, but love em all just the same! That is one gorgeous looking yard bird you have perched on top! I'm in love with that cabinet! Oh, I love seeing it.
    Thank you so much for coming to my party.
    You are the sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Well I do know my hes from shes...I have very few hes, they get testy sometimes, and I have to change their color. Cute displays Robin!

  3. Cute little roosters! Can you believe I don't have one? So it's fun to see what others have.

    I'm excited for you and your addition to your home. It will be fun to come back and visit to see the progress.

  4. Oh dear! And I have WAY too many Roosters probably. I'm not sure if I misunderstood you..but I could have. Did you mean that you didn't know if a Rooster was a male or female?
    I probably DID misunderstand..but a Rooster is a male. The hen is a female (chicken).
    No matter...your Rooster is lovely..proud as can be. Also known as a Cock. Such as in the saying "Cock of the Walk" because Roosters strut around barn yards...protecting their to speak.
    He is a proud looking Rooster. Is he made of tin?

  5. I love your roosters, too!! I have a few.....and MANY chickens! For awhile I decorated with a 'chicken' theme in mind in the kitchen. Now they just blend in with all the other 'stuff!'

  6. Beautiful collection, I love the way you've display it in your granma's piece! Great. Hugs,

  7. Great birds, and I think I spy a Longaberger large berry? basket in your Hoosier cabinet. I'm a Hoosier who is partial to baskets too. I don't recognize the tray atop your cabinet as LB though.

  8. Big rooster on Grannies Hoosier! What would she think of her cabinet on something called the internet for all to see!

  9. I've always LOVED your's so sweet that it was your grandmother's.
    Love that cocky rooster up there on top, too..and a cute picture of the other.
    Now I need to go back and get caught up on your posts..any movie stars?
    xoxo bj

  10. I love your home...and all these cute chicks and roos! :D

  11. I also love your house picture on the header - I immediately whispered, "Ahh" when I saw it! Nice roos, too. When I was writing my post, I asked my hubs the diff between a roo and a hen. He didn't know but told me *I* should know since I grew up on the farm. So I had to look it up online :) The roo has a muuuuuch taller comb atop his head, and a muuuuuch larger wattle under his chin - that's why he's so proud, because he can impress the ladies :)

    Mary @ Redo 101

  12. Hi Robin,
    I'm hopping my way around from Bunny Jean's and stopped to admire your roosters, such good looking boys!
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

  13. What a cute rooster! Sweet design of your blog too- nice job!

    Visiting from Bunny Jean's Bunny Hop linky party.

    Smiles, Suzanne from Illinois

  14. Robin it's nice to see your roosters, but I always love a look at that wonderful cabinet of your grandmother's! How exciting the new addition must be--and the updates you have made. Do you like your hardwoods in the dining room (well you say you do). I can't decide on what we will do when we replace the carpet. hmmmm ... Have heard you have had some amazing weather this summer!

  15. Thanks for joining my Bunny Hop Party! That cabinet is really nice and the chickies are a cute bunch of "clucks". I have my chicks over at Shelia's party too.

    xoxo Bunny Jean @Bunny Jean's Decor and More!