I am so glad you stopped by to visit. I read every one of your sweet comments. Come back and visit soon!

I hope you enjoy seeing photos of the Cape house, as much as I do living here :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The gazebo at The Daisy Inn

Good Morning All, I am going way back for this post to join Chari over at Sunday Favorites for this post. Big storm hitting alot of the country this week, so I thought I would show some green!
I just can't get enough of seeing "green", so here is another shot of our gazebo under the huge shag bark hickory trees.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hi All,
With spring around the corner, my mind wanders to landscaping, and our future building project. In the future we want to add a mudroom entry, family room, 2 car garage with a small apartment in the rear of the garage. This finished product will resemble this type of design. Of course, garage doors, etc. will have a different design, but this is a similar layout.

Hope you are dreaming of spring, too!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Table

Hi All,

I thought I would make a winter tablescape using my winter dishes. I love this pattern, as you can use it for Christmas, right on through till Spring! Looking down from the stairs...

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Boys

Good Morning All,
Let me introduce you to my "other" babies. Cocoa is our lab/spaniel mix, although we suspect he could have some Chesapeake Bay Retriever in him, too. He is 7. We adopted him when he was 3. Theodore, our Beagle came to us one day while we were raking leaves. He decided he liked it, so he just planted roots and stayed :) He is Cocoa's pesky little brother :) They spend alot of time in their doggie beds, in the window seat watching the world go by...
Or by my chair waiting for Momma to lay down her lunch plate...

At the end of the day, here is where you will find my three boys!
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dad's 81st!

Good Evening All,
I am posting a picture from my Dad's birthday, I hosted this evening. It is his 81st birthday. He still plays a great game of tennis and has a youthful spirit. He is one of a kind and I couldn't have asked for a better Dad. He is my hero and best friend. What a special man he is. Can you tell I am and only child, and his little girl??? You bet! :) What a nice evening it was. :) I have been getting alot of use out of my new dining room, as you can see!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mac and Sally

Hi All,
This week I am posting my favorite TV couple from the 70's. I could not wait until the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie came on and hoped it was McMillan and Wife that week. It rotated with several shows such as McCloud, Columbo, etc. We all know of Rock Hudson's tragic death, but I thought these two were delightful on TV. He was the police commisioner of San Francisco, Stewart McMillan and she his younger, wife Sally, played by Susan St. James, who helped him crack the case. I loved her clothes and that vintage yellow MG she tooled around San Fran, in. She was one hip chick!
Publicity photo...

Another shot of The McMillans...
The opening montage of the show....
I am reposting with Chari over at Sunday Favorites and Sunday Favorites.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vintage Photos

Hi All,
We are expecting more snow. 4-6" by tomorrow, sometime. The photos below are of my Dad in the Army, early 1950's, me in the probably around 1960,, and my Mom in the early 50's. My Granny called us, "The Three Little Bears." :) I miss you, Granny, sniff.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mary and Betty Together, Again!

Good Morning All,
Just a head's up to let you know to set your dial to TVLand, 9 p.m. central time on Wednesday evening, to see the season premiere of "Hot in Cleveland." Mary Tyler Moore is the guest star. It is the first time she and Betty have worked together, since the Mary Tyler Moore show in the 70's. Mary and Betty in the 70's...
A photo from the series premiere...
Since Mary is wearing Red in the first photo I am linking with Sue over at
Hope you are all having a good week!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Wintertime!!!

Good Evening All,
It was really cold here today. Single digits when I woke up this mornig. Brrrrrrr! Thought I would show you a little of my tiny foyer. This would be to the left of the front door tucked away. The old telephone nook. It was the only phone jack in the house when we moved here in 1985. A winter floral arrangement in a tin, turkey platter from my daughter, snowman from a tennis girl and a frosted fruit basket.
The chest was my kid's diaper changing table. I paid 20.oo for it at an auction, in 1981. I haven't done one thing to it. It reminds me of them. I miss those babies laying up there. Sniff, sniff!! They are 28 and 24 now.

A closer look at the phone nook...

The winter arrangement and an oil painting my Mother did, years ago.

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And The Winner Is....

Hi All,
I was so excited to hit 200 followers, so I decided to have a giveaway. I had 24 entries. I did it the old fashioned way, since I am an old fashioned kind of gal. I listed the entries on paper and numbered them, then cut up 1-24 numbers and put them in a hat. Mr. Tennis drew the number out of the hat. He drew #21! The 21st comment was left by Lynn at Country, Heart, Roses!!! Congratulations Lynn!!! Please send me your mailing information and I will get your package out asap! You can email me at
Thanks to all of you who entered, and I look forward to my next giveaway!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

200 Followers, Giveaway and A Simple Pleasure!

Hi All,
I decided when I hit 200 followers I would do a little giveaway. I love the blogging world and your sweet comments mean so much to me. Indeed, a simple pleasure! Thank you all so much!!! A few things I have put together...
A Victorian Inspired Hangie Thingie :)
Wine Belts
Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf Tea
Toile Paper Plates
Sunflower Napkins
Little Paper Doilies
Simmering Potpourie
The rules are simple!
Make sure you are a follower and leave a comment telling me so. One comment per person, please. I will draw the winner this Sunday. US and Canada only, thanks.
Good Luck!!!
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Winter Decor

Good Morning All,
A couple of photos to show you this morning of some seasonal tabletops.
This is the top of the TV cabinet. I always keep the picture of Granny and her three boys there (my Dad standing next to her), and a lamp. I traded out the lighted evergreen for some ivy, twigs and red berries and three snowmen.
The side table that sits by Mr. Tennis' chair. I had a green velveteen runner for the holidays. It is gone and I have a little moose family and my flickering holly candle sitting there now.
It is mighty chilly here in Illinois( 9 degrees), and snow is expected this week. Yay!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Mantel Party

Hi All,
Snowing like the dickens, here. I don't have one place I have to be today soooooo, I am loving the snow! My Fireplace and mantel. Do you see who is making himself at home by the fire? Yep, Theodore.

Fat little Frosty hanging around up there...
One of my candles...

The colonial clock...

And the winter picture...
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Snow Day!

I love the snow in winter... View of the backyard...
This is what the boys and I will be doing today. Yay!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Memphis Trip

Hi All,

This is a repost for Sunday Favorites from this past August. Today would have been Elvis' 76th birthday, so I thought this was a fitting repost!

We arrived back home today, after a wonderful couple of days at Elvis Week, 2010. They have events going on all over Memphis, celebrating the life and legacy of Elvis. I won't bore you too much, but here are the highlights for me.
The beautiful Orpheum Theater. We went to both sessions of "Conversations". This is where people who knew Elvis personally talk about life with him, whatever the capacity, on the road, friend, etc.
This is Joe Esposito. Joe was Elvis' road manager and friend. He pretty much was Elvis' right hand man. Joe has remained loyal to Elvis from the start. They met in the army. Tom Brown is the interviewer. He works for TCM as a vice-president of original productions. He was a great interviewer!

My personal highlight. A picture with Joe Esposito. What a thrill for me!

This is Elvis' orchestra leader, Joe Guercio. He led the orchestra for Elvis durning the Vegas years and all those years on tour. Elvis called him Miestro. He has worked with others such as Barbara Striesand, Diana Ross, etc.

A cute picture up on the giant screen of Elvis and Miestro, Joe Guerico

Ok, I have all the Elvis info out of the way, now on the cute restaurant we found for breakfast, across the street from The Peabody Hotel. Don't you love those blue awnings???

Look at that cute entrance and the seating area to wait or read the paper.

Mr. Tennis' breakfast selection. Fried peanut butter and banana french toast, in honor of The King. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Mr. Tennis at the front table and a shot of the cute bar area.

And a look at the bar. They have little hooks under the bar to hang your purse or coat. Great idea!

This is in the waiting area. They used an old door, with frosted glass, to make a coffee table

A look at the lobby of the beautiful Peabody Hotel, where Mr. Tennis and I were lucky enough to stay. We had our evening coctail in this beautiful lobby area.
Just a P.S. The big event that we attended on Sat evening was seeing the re-release of Elvis on Tour (1972) on the big screen at The Orpheum Theater. I saw it when it came out in 1972, has I had just seen Elvis live for the first time in Evansville, IN. I was a very impressionable 15 yr. old. It is something that I will never forget!
I am reposting this and linking up with Dayle over at A Collection of This and That and Simple Pleasures Thursday. This trip was certainly a Simple Pleasure for me!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Early American Vignette

Hi All,
I thought I would share with you what I have in the spot where the Christmas tree stood.
A corner vignette with my sewing rocker, fireside stool, winter arrangement in a Tiffany vase and a floor chandelier.
A closer look at the Early American rocker...

The winter arrangement...

The fabric shades...
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Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Way of Blogging!

Hi All,
This is my new present to myself. I had it in the basement for awhile, but decided I would do it more often if I relocated it. It is a very inexpensive eliptical machine. It has a resistance knob, so you can get a good, little workout. I am not one much for walking when it is cold out, so this is a good alternative for me!
Here is my new spot for exercise. I pull the bistro table in front of it, put the laptop there, so I can blog, exercise and watch TV. It sure makes the time go alot faster! Please stop by Sweet Bee's Cottage. She is having a great giveaway!!!
Hope you all have a great week ahead.
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Hi All,
I just returned from a Mother/Daughter trip to Chicago. We always do our traditional things when we visit the city.
We stay at The Palmer House in the south loop. Here is daughter in front of the tree...
The beautiful lobby. We love to sit here, talk, read, snack, people watch. So relaxing!

We do tea at The Drake. Here is daughter and the tree in the lobby of The Drake...
Centerpiece at Palm Court, where tea is served...
Here we are...
Love to shop and browse at Marshall Fields on State. I cannot call it Macy's...
Fields all decked out for the holidays...
And inside...
Oops, I guess we are back at tea at The Drake. Here is the yummy food! Notice the little swan on the top tier!
Back at Fields, we always enjoy lunch at The Walnut Room. Here are the trees this year...
Daughter and I lunching at The Walnut Room...

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and great 2012!

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