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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our New Camper!

Hi All,
Meet our new camper. We were not sure if we would even like camping, so the 1st time we rented a camper. We really enjoyed it, so here she is, all ours!!! A new 2011 23' Gulfstream Ameri-Lite.
As Opie would say, "ain't she a beauty!" She's parked at The Daisy Inn in this photo...

Dining area and pullout sofa. The picture window sold us on this camper! Here she is parked at our campsite, about 45 mintues from home.

My little kitchen :)

TV in the kitchen and fridge...

Bathroom, just like home, but a wee bit smaller :)

The bed and a nice size clothes closet...

My favorite spot by the picture window :) Hope you all have a good week ahead.

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Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi All,
We went camping this weekend. We have never done this before, so we thought we would see how we liked it. We loved it so much, that we went out and bought a new 23' travel trailer, at the place we rented the one below, that we used this weekend. Our Camp

The inside of the trailer

My Mom and Dad came over for the Saturday evening meal

Dan, Taylor and her friend Chris enjoying the outdoors. Very relaxing :)

We pick up our new trailer on Monday. Can't wait to get it all stocked up and back to the campsite.

Hope you all have a great week ahead.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Movie Star Monday on Tuesday!

Hi All,
I'm still around, just been a little busy. I haven't had time to take many pictures, so I thought I would do a movie star post. When I was a little girl, I learned to love the movies from my Dad. One of his favorite actors was James Cagney. For a long time, I couldn't make sense of this little, short guy portraying a "tough guy." When I got older, it all made sense to me. When Cagney appears on the screen, you just can't take you eyes off of him. Not a large man, but truly a man's man. James Cagney

"Top of the world, Ma..." White Heat,ca. 1944, in my opinion, one of his bestJimmy loved living on his farm ...

Dancing with Bob Hope. Class Act!

Cagney's simple and quaint home...

He married his wife Frances in 1922. They were together till his death in the 80's. How wonderful. This is at his barn in Martha's Vineyard.

Jimmy was just the opposite of his gangster characters. Kind, and truly a gentleman. What a treat it is to watch him on the screen!

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