I am so glad you stopped by to visit. I read every one of your sweet comments. Come back and visit soon!

I hope you enjoy seeing photos of the Cape house, as much as I do living here :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Little Update...

Hi All,
Things have been alittle busy around here. My Dad had some spots taken off of his head in April and they had not been healing from the inside/out. We are now on the third doctor. His head has been wrapped up in a gause turban since July. For the first time we saw progress last week. We are now going on Tuesdays to St. Johns hospital in Springfield, IL(3 hrs away) They are wonderful there and some healing has taken place on his head. It has been a long road for him. He is 80 and unusually active and healthy. It has been so hard for him, as he has been fighting alittle vertigo, as well. He has not played tennis since last spring. Hopefully, we can get him back on the tennis court soon. With work and all this( my Mother has macular degeneration and has had 2 stokes in the last couple of years) I have been lagging alittle in blogland. I am an only child. My dear friend Linda over at Linda's Life Journal was worried about me. She is the sweetest gal and what a artisit! Please go over and visit her when you have time. I check on all of you every morning and I love you and our visits! I will be posting more as soon as things slow down abit. Theodore says, "Mom, did you eat all the mini-wheats???"

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vintage Thingie

Hi All,
I think my computer might be well again? I hope so. I am linking up tonight with Suzanne over at The Coloradolady and Vintage Thingie Thursday. Please go over and check out all the great vintage things! I am also linking up with Cindy over at My Romantic Home and Show and Tell Friday. My fall table setting on my vintage Ethan Allen table.
Another look...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Computer problems!

Hi All,
I am having computer problems again! Now my picture card reader will not work, as in my C drive is full and cannot copy the pics to the computer, ugh! I will either try to get it fixed one more time or off to buy a new computer, ugh again :( I will be checking on all of you, but might not be able to join in parties till this is fixed. This is how I feel, sniff, sniff...

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Bedroom

Hi All,
I am FINALLY able to show you the 2nd upstairs bedroom. We moved over the furniture from the Inn yesterday and got it all set up. Yea! I snapped some pictures early this morning for you :) Antique pineapple bed...
The dresser and windsor rocker...

Another shot... I will take some more pics another time in the daylight, but I wanted to join in Show Off Your Cottage Monday with Cielo over at House In The Roses.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Famous (TV) Couple Friday!

Hi All,

I am back with Famous Couples Friday. I am posting on another one of my favorite shows, again from the 70's, The Bob Newhart Show. Here is the primary cast, Bob and Emily, Carol the receptionist, Howard the Navigator and Jerry the Dentist.
Bob Newhart played a psycologist in his real hometown of Chicago, IL
Here is a shot of Dr. Hartley in his office on the show. Notice the paneling!
The Hartleys, weren't they adorable!

I loved their apartment, second of course to Mary Tyler Moore's in her show :)

This picture was taken a couple of years ago when Taylor was attending Columbia College. This is the outside of the building used for the exterior shot of where Bob's character worked in downtown Chicago. This building is on Michigan Ave very close to the river.

Fall Cloche Party!

Good Morning,
I am linking up over at Marty's A Stroll Thru Life and her Fall Cloche Party! Please go over and check out all the fall pretties!!! This is my little foyer. The old telephone nook, one of my Mother's oil paintings. It is all sitting on my kid's changing table that I bought so many years ago for $20 at a garage sale. It is really a dresser, but I put a pad and a quilt over it and it became their changing table :)
I love my frosted fall garland from Valerie Parr Hill

A closer look...
Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Red and some vintage!

Good Morning All,
Last weekend my daughter and I attended a local festival and this is what I found. I had been wanting a vintage sifter and when I spotted this one, it was perfect! I love the red handle...

The inside is in great, clean shape...
I am linking up with Sue over at It's a Very Cherry World and Rednesday and Suzanne over at Coloradolady and Vintage Thingie Thursday.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday

Hi All,
I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life and Tabletop Tuesday with a few more fall vignettes. The antique side table in the kitchen...
The shelf my carpenter built above the stove to house the microwave. Some of my treasures on top of the shelf are Mr. Tennis and my wedding picture with the kids in Hawaii in 2001, a tea pot, a basket I change out for the seasons, my Granny, and some of my cookbooks. Have a good rest of the week!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Fall

Good Morning All,
Today I am showing you a few more fall touches around the little house. The ever changing mantel decor...
Some "fall" om the cake stand...

And the serving cart...

Mommy gets up to take pictures and look what happens! Theodore, wasn't Mommy sitting there, first???
I am linking up with...
Cindy at My Romantic Home and Show and Tell Friday
Cielo at House In The Roses and Show Off Your Cottage Monday.

Movie Star Monday

Hi All,
I am back with Movie Star Monday. This post has alot of stars. Do you remember the old Match Game show??? My all time favorite game show, no contest. They play it on Game Show Network and I DVR them all. If I can't find anything to watch on "real" tv, on goes Match Game. :) It was a snappy show and Gene Rayburn, the host was a delight. Above, bottom row, Gene, Dolly Martin(Dick's wife), Richard Dawson, Betty White. Top row, Allen Ludden(Betty White's husband and Password host), Brett Sommers and Charles Nelson Reilly
The regulars Charles, Brett, Gene and Richard.

Gene, Brett(who was married to Jack Klugman for a time) and Charles. These three together were delightful!

The mod 70's set, with the orange shag carpeting!
Hope you can go over the GSN and catch some Match Game!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Famous Couples Friday

Hi All,
I am reposting this tonight to join Chari over at Happy to Design and Sunday Favorites. As I sit here watching the women's final of the US Open, thought I should repost a tennis post. I just saw Chrissy help with the coin toss before the gals start. Go Kim Clijsters!!!

As some of you might know, we are in the midst of Wimbledon. Tennis Girl couldn't help but do a famous couple from the tennis world. When I started playing tennis around 1970, I wanted to play just like Chris Evert, we called her Chrissy. She was the darling of the tennis world. My game today is still much like hers, as I am a groundstroker and still play with the 2-handed backhand. Naturally, she gravitated to the "bad boy" of tennis, Jimmy Connors. He is still my favorite player of all time. He was exciting to watch and gave his all to the game. Like him or not, he brought fans to the seats with his "spill his guts on the court" attitude and play. Jimmy and Chrissy were engaged for a time in the 70's but the engagement was broken and they went on to marry others. Chris has been married 3 times and Jimmy has stayed married to the same gal for over 30 yrs. and two adult children.
The sweethearts at Wimbledon...
The tennis players in street clothes :)

Jimmy at the US Open, NYC and his amazing run to the semi finals in 1991 at age 39...

A more recent picture of Jimmy and Chrissy

Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Blog to Visit!

Hi Ladies and Gents,
I thought I would give a shout to to a new blog, A Sentimental Life. (I am playing Brenda tonight!) This is Ann's blog, she is a faithful follower of mine and we grew up in the same hometown, where I still live. She and and her cousin Mary, would stay at our B&B when they would visit our little hometown, over the years.
She loves her family and all things vintage. Please go over and check out her brand spankin new blog! Please tell her I sent you over :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Famous Couples Friday!

Good Morning all,
My good buddy BJ over at Sweet Nothings, reminded me how much I, too, have missed posting the movie star posts, so here we gooooooo! Who didn't watch The Dick Van Dyke Show in the 60's??? Well, if you were here then, you did! It was a fun show and Rob and Laura Petrie were adorable! Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore, as Rob and Laura Petrie
Didn't you LOVE that open, large living room with those wonderful shutters???

A more recent photo of "The Petrie's."
P.S. Dick Van Dyke's grandparents lived in the country outside of my little hometown. Dick's parents lived in Danville, IL. He and his brother Jerry, came down here many times to their grandparent's farm, as boys.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Touch of Fall

Good Morning All,
I am linking up with Marty and A Stroll Thru Life and Tabletop Tuesday. Here is my vignette changed out for fall on top of the TV. It is early a.m. here, so the picture is alittle dark...

A closer look at the frosted pumpkin garland...
My pumpkin wreath replaces my summer gardening wreath on the wall...
I have all my fall decor out now, except for the outdoor Halloween decorations, which I put up in early October!
I am reposting to join The Inspired Room and the Fall Nesting Party. Please go over and check out all the fallish posts!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Hi All,
Touches of fall are starting to grace the Cape Cod cottage, or as we call it the "little house." Along the drive...
The fall leaf garland along the front of the picket fence...

A closer look...

And the basket I change out on the front door. Do you see two little eyes peering out the front door??? That is Cocoa :)
I am linking up with A Southern Daydreamer and Outdoor Wednesday and
Cindy over at My Romantic Home and Show and Tell Friday.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Sunday Favorite

Hi All,

Tonight I am posting my very favorite piece of vintage furniture in my house. Can you spot it back there in the corner? My little vintage Ethan Allen tea cart...

A closer look. The little handle drops down if you need it to for space...

I love the detailed mill work on the handle...

And those cute spindled wheels with rubber rims...

It also has 2 drop leaves... I found it a second hand shop about 5 years ago.

I am linking up with Chari over at Happy to Design and Sunday Favorites.

Favorite Things

Good Morning all,
It is beautiful here in Central Illinois today. High is to be in the mid 70's and it is clear, dry and sunny. I am linking up with Favorite Things Saturday over and Bargain Hunting with Laurie.

This is one of my favorite vignettes. My son's senior picture, a clock Dan and I got for a wedding present, some Halloween decorations, a photo of my son with my Uncle Buddy and family friend John, who was the first little boy that grew up in this wonderful old cottage that we live in today. They are playing golf in AZ. Below is the tin that I change out for each season.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Good Evening All,
I am linking up with Suzanne over at The Colorado Lady and Vintage Thingie Thursday ,Cindy over at My Romantic Home and Show and Tell Friday, and DebbieDoos Garage Salen Party. This is my little maple fireside stool I found a couple of weeks ago at a local antique shop. Isn't it so cute!
It sits infront of the fireplace and the book shelves, filled with my movie book collection. Some of my books are getting very vintage, some over 30 yrs old.